To catalyze a world of fair data use.

Get paid for your data


take control.

dCanter exists to catalyze a world of fair data use. Large tech companies extract enormous value from mining our behavioral data, and we deserve to be compensated.

dCanter stores, protects, analyzes, and markets your data for you. When we find an interested buyer, we ask your permission. If you’d like to sell your data to that buyer, we facilitate the sale.

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Know yourself.

In 2012, Forbes released an article describing how a young woman was identified as pregnant purely from her purchase habits before she even knew about it.

If we can ascertain insights like this from purchase history alone, imagine what other self-reflective potential your data as a whole has in store.

Imagine getting a push notification the instant you’re likely to be diagnosed with early stage cancer, as evidenced by your data signature. Imagine having a personal trainer in your pocket that can identify issues with your gait or posture, 24 hours a day.

dCanter is about more than just getting paid for your data. We want to empower you with your own digital footprint. We want to maximize the value of your most valuable asset - your attention - and let you decide what to do with it.


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